A place with history.....



he Schlosshotel Wendorf (at that time still a feudal castle of the noble family "von Schack") is embedding in the green valleys of the village Kuhlen-Wendorf near Schwerin. For many years the castle was the home of many  noble family.


In 1895 the old castle, after it was abandoned by the owner, was removed and on its foundations the present castle, including the castle complex was built by the architect Paul Korff regionally very recognized.


Nobility and even wars have passed by and left their traces, but also a mysterious aura.
Until the 2nd World War, still in private ownership, the castle was used as a children's and youth center since 1945. In 2000, it was returned to the community Kuhlen-Wendorf and stood empty.


A house with such history and beauty, such as it exists rarely, impressed the current owners, Monika and Udo M. Chistée. Initially planned as a private residence, it soon became clear that they are dealing with an object that they just have to share with others.


So the dream "Schlosshotel Wendorf" came true. From 2004, until the proud opening in 2009, the castle was brought back to life - without any trouble and expense to the last detail.
So come in and make you feel like the nobility of yesteryear!

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