Welcome to the Gourmet Restaurant "Cheval Blanc"!


Passion for authentic cuisine in Mecklenburg Vorpommern.


Here concepts such as authenticity, regionality and home play an important role. In the gourmet restaurant "Cheval Blanc" we offer our guests fascinating highlights from the fields of health, regional and seasonal cuisine. With enthusiasm the kitchen staff create menus with high-quality products from the region Mecklenburg Vorpommern. The art of creating something new from known ingredients  - a challenge that our kitchen team led by chef Marco Röhrs every day takes care anew like.

The ambience of the house is modeled quite the motto "Horse & Rider" , as can be seen already in the name: "Cheval Blanc". The attention to detail, like an antique chest of drawers here, an opulent candlesticks there, support the exclusive and stately ambience of the Castle Wendorf, the brand of the restaurant, which is just a few steps away. The gourmet restaurant offers a stylish ambience the prestigious setting for private and business events with 35 seats inside and in good weather also a sun terrace with up to 35 additional seats - with a magnificent view of the gardens and the Castle Avenue.





"In order to meet the discerning taste and the high quality requirements of our guests, we cook with local organic products. In the kitchen of our gourmet restaurants mainly what give domestic season and regional market comes to the plate. All dishes are freshly and carefully prepared. "

We wish you a pleasant stay and enjoy your meal in the "Cheval Blanc".

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