Successful Horses


Clarissa Crotta & Caprice Clarissa Crotta & Caprice
  • Mare of Cristo & Carpaccio
  • born in 2006










CSI Graz CSI3 * Alpenspan Small Tour
CSI Neustadt Dosse won and placed / Youngster Tour
CSI Redefin 2nd and 3rd place / Youngster Tour
Richelsdorf 3rd place and 2nd place S * M *
CSI Ascona 2nd and 3rd place / Youngster Tour
CSI San Giovanni in Marignano 1st and 2x 3rd place / Youngster Tour
Baltic Horse Show 5th and 7th place in Kiel / Youngster Tour


Thomas Kleis & Carassina Thomas Kleis & Carassina
  • Holsteiner mare by Concerto II v. Contender & Wodka II v. Lord / Ramiro
  • born in 1997








It was sympathy at first glance. Thomas Kleis saw Carassina 2007 at the indoor tournament in Gadebusch and was impressed by her attitude and her excellent jumping ability. This enthusiasm he could convey Udo M. Chistée (owner Schlosshotel Wendorf *****) and shortly thereafter the brown Concerto II daughter was in Wendorf stable. 2009 brought Carassina her rider the greatest success of his career, winning the German Jumping Derby, which is called by experts as the "most difficult course in the world". At Great Hall Tournament 2012 in Gadebusch Carassina was adopted to great applause in her well-deserved retirement.

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